Sunday, 20 July 2014

I am Making a Costume........

My daughter text me Saturday night to ask for ideas for a fancy dress costume for Granddaughter who is nearly 11 months old. She said this was for Monday, I asked if there was a theme and what was it for? I was told it was for the end of term baby group, nothing like leaving it till the last minute I thought. My daughter doesn't dress Granddaughter in anything girly let alone anything pink so this was narrowing choices for the costume, no pink fairy/princess outfits for little one lol. 

Sunday evening I text and said have you sorted out a costume and she replied no, not sure what to do! So I asked her what time was baby group. I was then told it was for Wednesday morning! 9.30am. I replied with “let me think of something overnight, I have plenty of stuff in the studio to make something if that helps" reply from daughter " Thanks Mumma night night"  

I guessed I would have to come up with something. What do you make a nearly 11 month old who's only interested in chewing everything to bits because of teething or pulling everything apart? I resorted to Pinterest for ideas. I was thinking along the lines of a white baby grow, something like drawing on cow patches or black and yellow stripes for a bumble bee, then I saw the Dalmatian costume. Not girly or princessy, perfect. I had plenty of black felt, a die cutting machine and circle dies, glue gun and sewing machine, hey presto a plan was coming together. One thing was missing though, some white baby grows lol. So a quickly trip to the "Every little bit counts" supermarket and 3 white baby grows for a fiver, result.

I cut the back from one baby grow and cut into two hood shaped pieces then I took the collar cuff off and machines it onto the hood then attached to the costume baby grow.  The circle die I have cuts 3 sizes of circle in one go, biggest being about an inch and a quarter. I hot glued these onto the baby grow and made some little paw prints for the feet. The ears I made from the feet from the spare baby grow which I cut off, stuffed with a bit of wadding and attached to the hood.

Now the tail took a bit more thinking. Do I make it so it hangs down and she can pull it off or do I stuff it but she can't sit in her car seat ! I made the body of the tail from the leg of the spare baby grow and stuffed it then I added the spots. I snipped the base of the tail, splayed it out onto a black felt spot and hot glued it. I took another black felt spot the same size, cut a circle from the middle the same size as the base of the tail and slipped it over the tail. I hot glued the two felt spots together which created a hard disk. Now comes the clever bit lol, I cut a circle of Velcro, one bit I attached to the costume baby grow and the other bit to the base of the tail ha. One stiff tail but detachable to get her in the car seat.



Well I was impressed with my efforts and at nearly 11 months Granddaughter didn't really care, I think lol

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