Saturday, 5 July 2014

New Studio

Well here we go, as you can guess my name is Amanda and I unrecovered craftaholic. I have a passion for crafting and I really do try hard at it but sometimes  I have really thick moments and it all goes wrong lol.
I have always had some hobby on the go, I did pottery for about 10yrs then had an allotment for 7yrs but I have always meddled in crafts. All the usual stuff like card making, felting, enamelling anything that took my fancy but mainly these days its anything to do with fabric. I have developed an obsession with fabric, buttons, ribbons etc. sometimes I can't use the stuff cos I love it too much to use it lol.
I am not much good at computers either and certainly have no idea about how to use this blogging page so it will be a slow process making my page look pretty and full of useful information.
So lets start at the beginning of my desire to blog again ( I used to keep an allotment blog but it was simples back then!).
I had an old shed in the back garden about 12' x 12'. It was originally my pottery studio but when I finished with the pottery due to arthritis in my shoulder it gradually turned into a crafting studio.
As time went on, the studio became more leaky and drafty and the wood started to rot, the shed had reached the grand old age of about 35yrs old according to my next door neighbour as he remembers it being hand built. The government/council in their wisdom have doubled the permitted development for the next 3yrs which meant we could build a bigger extension on the back of our house.
This all came about when my hubby and I were on holiday last November, he suggested knocking down the old wooden studio and building a proper extension, not thinking it would cost too much lol. I do not like change and I am not good at being dragged into the 21st century but eventually I learn to adapt. When the quotes came in for the extension I think hubby regretted that extra drink by the pool and mentioning about a new studio lol by that time I was excited by the idea.
The building work started on 22nd April 2014 and took just under 10 weeks to build. The worst part for me was packing all my stuff up into boxes and moving out of the shed lol.
Packing up !

The old shed/studio
Demolishing time 

Hey presto new studio fab lol
When I get the hang of this I will tidy the pictures up! As you can imagine the inside of my studio is a bit upside down at the moment as I have ordered some storage furniture and have to wait for it to be delivered ( long story of why its not here yet!) so I can put all my stuff away neat and tidy (not for long lol) ready to start crafting. I will then post pics of the interior.
I always seem to have at least 5+ projects on the go, I lose concentration or interest then start something else so when I finish something its quite an achievement for me lol But now that hubby has paid for the new expensive extension and keeping a blog will inspire new finished creations. Cheers sweet.

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